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    5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

    When was the last time you updated your resume? For some people, that might have been years or even decades ago! 
    To boost your chances of landing an interview for your dream job, it is imperative that your resume is written in a manner in line with current best practices. Shifting over to a new job will require you to have a fresh update on your skills and competencies. It is time to dust off the cobwebs in your old resume and introduce some zest and vitality in your application documents!

    A well-written resume speaks volumes about an applicant. Before you even meet an employer, they will have already formed an opinion about you based on what they have read in your resume. For a position or role that is competitive, attractive, and highly coveted, it is important to stand out from the rest of your fellow applicants. 

    How do you make your resume stand out, you might ask? Worry no more! Here are 5 tips we follow to craft and refresh your resume with current best practice and employment standards in mind:

    1. Craft a strong professional profile 

    Your professional profile should deliver an impactful statement about your capabilities and skills. Consider this as a pitch or professional summary. It should outline your strengths, experience, and competencies whilst laying out what you could contribute to the team, should you be hired for the position. It must also present a clear, actionable objective, thus, you must always use strong verbs in order to clearly and succinctly state your “why”, or your reasons for why you want this role, as well as why the employer should consider you among the rest of the applicant pool.

    • Be conscious of keywords

    Most recruiters now rely on ATS or Applicant Tracking Software to do the first level analysis and sorting of resumes. Your resume is fed into a system and the software functions to filter the best applicants based on keywords. Focussing on emphasising relevant keywords should be your priority in order to pass the ATS stage.

    Along with the requirements for keyword richness, your resume must still be factual, honest, and based on actual experiences and achievements. We need to highlight the skills and knowledge you have gained throughout your employment history

    • Use a simple, uncluttered layout 

    A clean, simple and professional layout will ensure you stand out from the rest. A clean resume is a reflection of organisation and clever presentation. Using space wisely and maximising the page is a great way to include all relevant content. Best practice is between 3-5 pages, however those with extensive experience, special publications, works, and other notable projects, may exceed this.

    • Focus on relevant skills and accomplishments

    Reflecting the job description for your prospective role enables you to respond directly to the requirements and needs of your employer. For example, if the role is asking for outstanding management and leadership skills, you would highlight your past experiences how you led a team and managed operations in an effective and efficient manner. This is a good way to focus your resume so that you are able to highlight relevant information. 

    • Eliminate non-essential information 

    As mentioned in the previous tip on highlighting relevant information, eliminating non-essential information will also give you an edge and will help you stand out. We must also follow National Employment Standards for instance, photos, date of birth, and other personal information do not aid in landing you a role, and may in fact prejudice employers against you because of any inherent hiring biases, if any. The best way to go about an application is to champion your best skills and highlight only the most relevant and impactful information that can help you edge out the competition. 

    With these tips in mind, we aim to help you achieve your desired hiring outcomes. These new documents will ensure you can confidently apply for any position knowing your resume effectively highlights your strengths as a professional. 
    Contact Brisbane Resume today to see how a professional can help you with a new professional resume. Our experienced and competent team of professional resume writers have years of combined HR practice and experience, and can help you on your way to success. 

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